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ENGAGING YOUTH: Journey Just Beginning for BLM Worland Intern


The Bureau of Land Management Wind River/Bighorn Basin District was lucky to employ a young woman this summer with a passion for environmental engineering. Ceirra Carlson, a 2014 graduate of Greybull High School in north central Wyoming, served as an engineering intern in the Worland area through the BLM’s Pathways Internship Program.


During her internship with the BLM, Ceirra learned to use the survey-grade global positioning system by completing a topographic survey at Castle Gardens near Ten Sleep.

The Pathways program provides students enrolled in a variety of academic fields with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school. This summer, Ceirra assisted the BLM with surveying, completed road and recreation site assessments and was invaluable in the office, creating spread sheets and road assessment templates.

"Cierra is the type of student that the Pathways program was designed for," said BLM Civil Engineering Technician Bryan Crawford. "She is smart, motivated and an excellent example of the kind of person the BLM wants to employ."


During her internship with the BLM, Ceirra learned to use the survey-grade global positioning system by doing a topographic survey at Castle Gardens near Ten Sleep.

Ceirra is attending Sheridan College this fall to begin an engineering degree. After two years there, she hopes to continue her education at a university, studying engineering with an environmental emphasis. She thinks she would like to work in water or air resources, or sustainability. At this point, Ceirra plans to reapply for her current Pathways position and possibly also apply for a seasonal job with the Worland Field Office.

"It is all a journey for me and I will see where it takes me because I have a passion for this type of work," Ceirra said. "I enjoy the exposure I have had with the BLM so far and without a doubt would enjoy working here in the future, but we will see what opportunities arise."

Born and raised in Wyoming, Ceirra enjoys playing sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer in her free time. She also loves spending time in the mountains hiking, camping, fishing, four wheeling and hunting.

Story by BLM Wyoming

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The Maths Behind the Simpsons' Women

I will say that as far as fictional characters go, Lisa Simpson was a role model for me growing up.  She was intelligent, she knew it, and she wasn’t afraid to show it.  I am also a pretty big fan of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time as a role model for young girls today - her character shows  that you can be a respected leader, a scientist, and still be sweet and wear pink dresses (if that’s what you’re into).  Anybody else have some fictional role models or am I the only weirdo that watches cartoons at 2 am?

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Study: Male scientists want to be involved dads, but few are

Interesting. I’m looking forward to reading the article. I wonder if the researchers took into account the difference between childfree individuals (those who never wanted any children) vs. those who made the decision to forgo having children to further their careers.  

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